The Orchard, Arana Hills has been granted EnviroDevelopment certification


Located in Brisbane’s inner-north, The Orchard at Arana Hills delivers 77 townhomes designed for homeowners, with sustainability in mind. The use of eco-conscious technologies, coupled with landscaping and architectural design, results in a project well-equipped for the future.

Fruit trees, EV charging, solar systems, and native bee hives are some of the features from The Orchard.

Set in the suburb of Arana Hills, Brisbane, The Orchard places sustainable design within generously native landscaped surrounds.

Canopy cover and landscaped shared spaces create a place for community and active living, with edible gardens making seasonal herbs and fruit freely available for residents.

Through The Orchard, Tessa Developments and Ellivo Architects are providing the platform for national companies to showcase their sustainable initiatives.

In order to ensure that they cover five critical pillars of eco-delivery, which are water efficiency, energy efficiency, building materials, sustainability and air quality, Tessa Developments have formulated their own rating system, WEBSA. The Orchard is Tessa’s first project applying this system. Given that the project is named for its grand entryway and orchard landscaping, it was only fitting that a commitment to sustainability became a driving force for this project.

With a heavy investment in solar power, EV charging points in all townhouses, 60% of the site being open space, a live sustainable orchard with over 10 fruit tree varieties, and beehives for honey and increased pollination, The Orchard is leading the way in Australian residential property development.

The National EnviroDevelopment Board granted The Orchard in all six elements – ecosystems, waste, energy, materials, water, and community.

This achievement cements the environmental credentials of this project and highlights Tessa’s commitment to delivering a new standard in sustainability and livability.