The electric energy

of community

In the early 2000s, Townsville development was picking up momentum. To support the increased commercial and industrial activity in the area, a flurry of new business sites were established as a part of the city’s Northeastern landscape.

As industrial and commercial development flourished, nourishing the region through employment and economic growth, the need for more residential sites became palpable.
This is how the Harris Crossing community came to be.

Formed along the Bohle River, Harris Crossing’s residential community set out to become more than just a pillar to support local industry. The vision wasn’t anchored in working – it was all about living.

This vision was actualised when the first Harris Crossing residents arrived at their new homes in 2015.

Designed for Townsville’s
relaxed way of life

Within the 800 residence community is 70 hectares of walking tracks, open space, and parklands. A community constructed with nature at heart, this vast outdoor public space accounts for 50% of the entire site.

Wander through the parklands of Harris Crossing and you’ll undoubtedly stumble upon the disc golf course. One of the first sites in the state to embrace the game, the course has since become a beloved feature of those near and far. On the weekends, you’ll find people of all ages puttering around the course. Other times, you’ll catch a glimpse of national-level players competing for the win.

Future-thinking infrastructure

There’s a certain energy alive at Harris Crossing. It could be due to the abundance of nature flourishing on the site; the warm community feeling of the place; or perhaps it’s because 95% of Harris Crossing residents power their homes with solar batteries, delivering them a lifetime of savings.

Maidment Group, the developer behind Harris Crossing, offered home buyers the opportunity to install a Tesla Powerwall 2 Home Battery System for a fraction of the regular retail price.

With the home battery, residents can capture and store solar energy generated during the day and use it at night. Considering Townsville averages 300 sunny days per year, Harris Crossing locals are in a great position to embrace the cost-cutting renewable energy system.

The system was proven during the 2019 Townsville floods, when Harris Crossing residents were able to keep their electricity powering, despite 11,300 homes in surrounding suburbs experiencing blackouts.

Solar power:
All homes embrace solar power, and 95% are fitted with a solar battery to store excess energy.

Landscaped parkland:
The site is home to 70 hectares of landscaped parkland.

Disc golf course:
North Queensland’s first purpose-built 18-hole disc golf course.

Undercover seating:
Shaded seating areas are dotted across the community, providing shelter from the harsh QLD sun.

Fits like a glove

feels like real living

Adding much needed housing diversity to the region, when searching for their new home, people can find a solution that suits how they want to live.

Smaller 390m² blocks have fewer home maintenance requirements, giving new residents more time to spend on the things that matter most. While the larger 1,200m² blocks are places to truly stretch out – whether it’s having space for the little ones to roam free, for the garden to take off, or for the RV to live between adventures.

At a glance


Uptake of solar and home battery technology




Of the site is open space, parklands, and community assets


Walking/cycling tracks

In 2019, Harris Crossing became the host destination for the International Cities, Town Centres and Communities Conference, putting the city of Townsville on the international stage.

For this conference, Townsville City Council hosted a delegation of local government and university representatives from the USA, with the purpose of showcasing the Harris Crossing project and its benchmark-setting use of solar and battery technology across the entire community.

Progressive development initiatives, like Harris Crossing’s renewable energy framework, play a key role in helping shape future development policies and guidelines.

Awarded for its commitment to innovation, the Harris Crossing community shows all the good that flows from making progressive technology more attainable and more accessible. Good for the planet. Good for the community. Good for people.


Expected in 2026


Townsville City Council


Place Design Group


Maidment Group

Civil Construction

Maidment Construction


Cieran Murphy

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